Pastoral Care

When you are hurting, First Baptist wants to walk beside you.

Common throughout the Bible is the image of the shepherd caring for his flock. Be it in leading them to calm places to drink, finding them when they are lost, or defending them from attackers, the shepherd is a constant presence of comfort and assurance. At First Baptist, while we know we will always fall short of the love of our Shepherd, we do our best to act as shepherds for one another.

The staff of First Baptist have made pastoral care one of their top priorities. They make daily visits to sick and injured members in the hospital and at home, and are available to meet in the church offices with those desiring their care. First Baptist makes a particular point of being present for families in their times of loss, and funeral services are also available through the church.

For more information about pastoral care or funeral services, please call our office at 910-739-4336.