“Catch Up Sunday” by Doug Reedy

“Catch Up Sunday” by Doug Reedy

When disaster strikes, our lives and our priorities immediately shift into emergency mode. Though the damage from the recent flood varied widely by neighborhood and individual household, it affected everyone in some way. Your personal storm damage and helping others with storm damage become top priorities.

As a church, and as the people who form this church, our first response was rightly to see how we could help. The ways we have helped have varied from Matthew to Florence, but we have been busy. If you are like me, some things have been moved to the back burner. Household chores, tag renewals, yard maintenance, etc. fall behind as do work projects. Weeks later, schools have reopened and many of us are still trying to catch up to our normal routine.

Sometimes when we are buried in the mundane details of day to day life, we can neglect what is most important. Now is the time to catch up. Let’s take the time to catch up first on prayer, as our personal relationship with God is paramount.

Between now and what we are calling “Catch Up Sunday” (November 18) let’s catch up on our relationship with our church as well. Let’s renew our commitment to attend worship, meet with our Sunday School classes, and give to the budget. It is challenging to give of our time and money sacrificially, but that is our calling.

We have been able to be a refuge to other churches and a command center for mission groups helping our
community post-storm. We have offered healing to all age groups and hospitality to the community. We do wonderful things as a church for so many people, but we can only continue to answer our call as resources allow. We can do what’s needed. As the scripture commands and promises: seek ye first the kingdom of God…and all these things shall be added unto you.