“Emotions” by Doug Reedy

“Emotions” by Doug Reedy

If you have never taken a Myers Briggs personality indicator test, it is worth your while.  There are free ones online that only take a few minutes to complete.  It is sometimes especially helpful in terms of your spiritual development and relationships to know how you differ from others in the way you preserve God, life, and family.

I’m an INTJ.  Without getting too deeply into it, INTJs tend to prefer rationality over emotion.  It doesn’t mean we don’t feel emotional at times, but it does mean we don’t make decisions based on them.  That’s a good thing, because emotions are buzzing around me like gnats right now.

After an intense week of camp with some truly amazing teenagers, I am always a little emotional.  They each are dealing with their own private issues, some that most adults would buckle under.  Seeing them bond together and support each other is a truly beautiful thing.  Although we see glimpses of that here, taking them to another setting always results in spiritual and relational breakthroughs.

Immediately coming off those emotions and coming home to see my much missed wife, daughter, and (to a lesser extent) dog stirs the soul even more so.  Then, seeing a youth hospitalized, seeing some of our collegians in town that don’t come often, and packing for what is sure to be a challenging hike totally off the grid, the last day or two has provided no emotional peace.

I am grateful that the next week will provide a lot of time to pray, walk, and soak in God’s creation.  It will provide time for reflection, and more prayer.  As I switch from the challenge of a 500+ student camp in the city to the challenge of no technology (seriously, we can’t even bring a watch) in the wilderness, my emotions could overwhelm me.  Yet, God is God and worrying is a waste.  Much love to the folks back home.  Prayers appreciated.

Peace, Doug