“Youth Mission Trip 2017” by Doug Reedy

“Youth Mission Trip 2017” by Doug Reedy

Last August, when the Youth Committee and I met to plan the 2016-2017 year, we decided to raise the participation requirements quite high for going on the mission trip.  This, combined with a shorter trip, has left us with a much smaller group than we have become accustomed to traveling with to M-Fuge.  Although I expected them to be disappointed in this year’s numbers, the youth going on the trip are more excited for M-Fuge than I can ever remember.

Many of the youth going this year have reminded me that the smaller trips are often the best.  Some years I’m up late each night talking and praying individually with different youth into the early morning hours and still don’t get to have a one on one conversation with everyone.  This year, it is entirely possible I will be able to.

Some years, youth stay within their individual cliques as much as possible.  This year, I don’t expect that.  Everyone going has been hyper involved with our youth group this year, and some are becoming more involved with our church at large.  They are a close knit group already, and I expect them to grow closer.

For numerous reasons, I feel this year’s trip will be amazing.  I am expecting the Holy Spirit to move throughout our group and each individual attending.  Our hearts are open, and when hearts are open God never disappoints.

Please be in prayer for us.  Pray for individual decisions to be made.  Pray for damaged friendships to mend.  Play for youth who have never seen themselves as leaders to step up and lead.  Pray for unity.  Pray for our safety.  This year we bring a smaller, yet more committed group to Charleston asking for guidance from God.  Pray God will use us, especially these youth, to grow the Kingdom in ways we have not imagined.

Peace, Doug