ACS Realm

Stay Connected WITH US through ACS Realm

ACS Realm is a software program that helps us to stay organized and communicate with one another as a church community. With ACS Realm, we are able to maintain contact information for all of our church members, including phone numbers, email addresses, and physical addresses. This makes it easier for us to stay in touch with one another and keep everyone informed about important events and activities.


One of the features that we use most frequently in ACS Realm is the ability to make contributions online. This makes it easier for our church members to support our church financially and helps us to ensure that our finances are managed responsibly.


ACS Realm also helps us to keep track of Deacon care teams, so that we can make sure that all of our members are receiving the care and support they need. Additionally, we use ACS Realm to manage reservations for trips and other events, so that everything is organized and everyone has the information they need to participate.


Overall, ACS Realm is a versatile and helpful tool that helps us to stay organized and connected as a church community. Whether you are a church leader or a member of our congregation, ACS Realm can help you to stay informed and engaged with all aspects of church life.