You have a home at FBC Lumberton

Worship | bible study | missions | music | Fellowship | & more


Our children’s ministry strives to help children learn what it means to follow Jesus through a holistic and relational approach that includes worship, Bible study, missions, music, fellowship, and more.
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Our mission is to discover the depth of that love through studying the life of Christ Jesus and to share that love with the people of our county, state, nation, and beyond.
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No matter whether they are coming home after a long absence or brand new to Lumberton, we want all college and career age folks to know they have a home at First Baptist.
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Senior Adults

Activities Afternoon, Fun & Fellowship, Lunch & Learn, and more!
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Friends of Jesus

The Friends of Jesus Class is for adults with developmental disabilities. The class meets for singing, fellowship, and a Bible lesson.
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We have a choir or group to fit almost any musical taste, all of which are focused on preparing God’s people for worship and praise. Adults, Children, and Youth.
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Our congregation strives to be missional in nature, loving and serving others both within our local community and around the world.
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While Sunday School is one opportunity for learning together, discipleship doesn’t just happen on Sunday mornings. There are opportunities throughout the week for study and learning for all ages
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Pastoral Care

When you are hurting, First Baptist wants to walk beside you.

They make daily visits to sick and injured members in the hospital and at home, and are available to meet in the church offices with those desiring their care. First Baptist makes a particular point of being present for families in their times of loss, and funeral services are also available through the church.