Church Membership

There are three ways to become a member of FBC:

Profession of Faith

A public confession that you have received Christ as Savior and Lord, with baptism to occur at a later date

Transfer of Church Membership

From another Baptist church, upon a letter of transfer from that church

Statement of Faith

Transfer of membership from another Baptist church where, due to peculiar circumstances, there is no regular letter of transfer; or, transfer of membership from a church of different faith and order and prior baptism

You may express your desire to become a church member by:

  • Going forward during the hymn of commitment and sharing your decision with a minister
  • Scheduling an appointment to meet with one of our ministers

Our congregation has a policy of open baptism; that is, we do not require re-baptism for membership.

A previous baptism either by immersion or by a personal and meaningful method other than immersion is honored by our congregation.